Third Trimester

29 weeks


It’s time to get BIG!

Seriously though. They say that everything happens quicker in subsequent pregnancies because your body remembers this time around, but whoa is it true. It’s like my body just said “oh remember what it felt like to be 9 months pregnant? Let’s jump there NOW!”

So I’m feeling very big, and slow, and out of breath. I can’t breathe very well and doing almost anything leaves me panting. Who would have thought sitting on the couch would be so hard? My clothes are already uncomfortable, and it’s already impossible for me to find a position to sleep or sit in that feels good.

It also doesn’t help that I’m still in a lot of pain from my sciatica and tailbone. So that already ensures that sitting hurts no matter where I am. It hurts to sit in the car. To sit at my desk at work. To lie in bed at night. No amount of pillows make it better.

And yes the heartburn is back and I’m tired…


I’m actually doing okay? I know this seems like a lot of complaining, and maybe it is a bit. I mean sure, I’d love it all to go away. But I think I’m more prepared this time around. I know it’s going to suck, and I know it’s temporary, so I’ve just accepted it. This is my baseline, this is how I feel every day, now that that’s established, let’s move on.

The third trimester also brings lots of tests. At my recent appointment I got my TDaP, blood drawn to check for anemia or other problems, and took my 1 hour glucose test. I think because of how it went last time, I’ve already decided that I’ll probably fail it and have to take the 3 hour test. I wonder if in the future I could just request going straight to the 3 hour test? haha. I’m also expecting to be told I’m anemic, because I almost always am, even when I’m not pregnant haha.

Overall though, I’m feeling good about how closely I’m being monitored. I have another appointment with my high risk doctor tomorrow, and I have appointments pretty much every other week, sometimes every week. I’ve got my last two planned trips approved (with strict instructions to stop every hour and a half) and then I’m officially cut off from travel. Womp Womp.

But mostly I’m half so ready to meet this baby, and half willing to be pregnant forever to put off having to figure out how to deal with two children at the same time.

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