Spearson Family Photos

So I heard you like photos?  Hopefully this is a little more organized than a random gallery photo dump. Click on the category of photos you'd like to look at, or go the choose your own adventure route by clicking here.


BubbA & GooBer - 8/2019

So you may have heard we added a(nother) new member to our family.

Recent - 8/2019

These change with my mood. Maybe it's something cool we've done, maybe it's random throw back photos. You won't know unless you click! 

Travel - 8/2019

Places we've been, things we've done. Our life, just in a different location. 

Wedding Photos

Click here for scenes from our wedding day which took place in Boston, on September 5th, 2015. 

Engagement photos

Before the wedding comes an engagement.  Click here for some photos documenting the year before the wedding.