This is mostly for Tom so I don't have to keep sending him the links for these, but it's also an easy way for friends and family who are asking about birthday and Christmas gift ideas for E.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Amazon - This started as our baby registry, but we've kept it as an easy way to track things we need / would like to buy eventually / toy ideas for E

Amazon Book List - We'd love to instill a love of reading in our kids, so we keep a running list of books we want to read with them!

Current clothing sizes (8/2019)
E is still wearing 2T, but will probably slowly start moving up to 3T soon. He’s a 6.5 in shoes, which means we need to buy 7+ to be ready for when his feet grow.

G is all over the place. He’s wearing 9-12 onesies for now, but 12-18 in PJs. Pants are somewhere in between? He’s not in shoes yet, he probably won’t start wearing them until he’s a 5 or so.

Favorite (online) Places to Shop
Free to be Kids, Primary, Hanna Andersson, Stride Rite Shoes