Birth Story Part III - Complications

Right before G was born, I looked at the nurse and said, “Remember, I’m a bleeder!” I was laughing, but we’d talked about it seriously before, and she started getting the necessary medicine ready, but I bled faster. Just like last time, the moment I delivered, I started to hemorrhage. One bad thing about being more alert than last time, is that I was also much more aware of how much I was bleeding and how concerned everyone was. Even with all the medication they gave me, it still took a while to get everything under control, and I ended up losing about twice as much blood as a C section, double what I lost when I delivered E.

Birth Story Part II - Active Labor

After I got my first dose of medicine, Tom and I settled in to wait. We ordered dinner, and watched Game night and Jumanji in our room. Around 4:30 I mentioned to Tom that my head was a little itchy, and that was weird. A little while later, it was REALLY itchy and I couldn’t stop itching. I must have been freaking him out a bit, because he said he was going to go find our nurse. By the time they returned, not only was I going crazy with an itchy scalp, but my hands had turned bright red and my palms were also super itchy.

Knowing that I was already allergic to one type of antibiotic, the nurse got worried and immediately stopped the vancomycin and called the doctor. Within a few minutes, my itchiness had gone away, and my hands were no longer red. After some brainstorming between the doctor and pharmacist, it was decided that I was having a transfusion reaction, and not a reaction to the actual antibiotic. Because my itching stopped so quickly, and the antibiotic was still in my system, it was decided I could safely finish my dose, just at a slower pace. Luckily after the dose was slowed, no more itching! And in better news, as long as I delivered by 5am the next morning, I wouldn’t need another dose of antibiotics.

Birth Story Part I - Leading up to Labor

I’m having a hard time putting into words G’s birth story, partly because I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It seems like it went by almost too quickly? Is that possible in labor? After 9 months of building up to it, it was over so fast, and looking back, I feel like I could have done it so much better! It’s almost like I want a second chance to see if I could have… I’m not even sure. Enjoyed it more? Savored each contraction? It’s really an odd feeling.

Nursery Round II

It’s been interesting putting this room together. It almost didn’t happen, and then it did, but while we were working on it, we were constantly thinking ahead. Because we know at some point “soon” it won’t be a second nursery, but will be E’s big kid room.

The eventual plan, when E is ready to be out of a crib, will be for the new baby to move into E’s crib, and E to move into this room with a toddler bed. It sounds complicated, but trust me there’s logic there. So it’s interesting that as I’m putting it together, I’m thinking more about it as a toddler’s play room than a baby’s room. We already have a perfectly good baby room next door.

Holiday Cards

By now they’ve all been sent out, and if you’re on our list, you’ve probably received ours. (And if not, let me know!) Yes, they were early - although that’s not unusual for me. As with everything this year, though, it either needs to be early or not at all. Just be glad I waited until after Thanksgiving to mail them out, because trust me they were ready before that!

Getting Closer

I’ve mentioned that I’m being monitored like crazy during this pregnancy. I’m really appreciative of it, and I love my medical team, so I’ve managed to not be too anxious or worried, which is great.

Baby has been doing wonderful, and lately I’ve been feeling pretty good too. I mean I’ve been super sick, but that has nothing to do with being pregnant. All my pregnancy symptoms have really mellowed lately, so I’ve officially reached the “forgetting I’m pregnant” stage again. It’s weird to be so pregnant and feel that way, but it happened last time at the end too. Something about the baby changing position or dropping I think.

The End Brings Out the Crazy

Here’s my tip to other pregnant women: If there’s some idea you have floating in your mind, but you keep putting it off or saying no because logically you know it doesn’t make sense, just go ahead and do it NOW. Otherwise, you’re going to hit 38 weeks and decide that it needs to happen that minute, and all logic goes out the window.

Normally, I am queen of logic. It rules my life. I am fine with putting off projects or saying no to things, because I know the reasons why it wouldn’t be a good idea. And so this entire pregnancy I’ve been saying that no, the guest room can stay the way it is for now. No, we don’t need a second baby room right now. The baby wouldn’t be using it right away anyway - I mean E slept in the living room for the first few months of his life. This baby can sleep in our room if need be.

Where We Are

My mind is all over the place lately with lists of things to do, thoughts about the upcoming holiday and baby coming, things to do with E… I’m as frazzled as you’d think haha. So here is a random brain dump of what’s going on with us lately.

E had his 18 month check up the other day. Everything looked great, the doctor was super happy, and this little munchkin gained TWO inches in the past three months!! He gained a pound, which is right on track, but the doctor was super excited for his growth spurt! No wonder he can touch the ground on his little car now. I’ve updated this post with percentiles, etc.

By the Numbers

I’m actually doing okay this week, physically at least. Mentally I’m all over the place. Both with worrying about E (even though I know he’s fine) and new baby (who’s going to be uber monitored so I also shouldn’t be worried), but I really feel like I could use a relaxing vacation or something right now (never going to happen).

Let's Be Honest

Not that I haven’t been, but I’m not sure I’ve been brutally honest lately either.

This pregnancy is hard.

I wasn’t shy last time from letting people know that I didn’t enjoy being pregnant. And that’s still true. Sure there are some things that are fun (getting seats on the T!), but overall, it’s not the best experience for me.

The Slow Down

I was hoping I’d have more time. After all, I’m only 7 months pregnant, and I was crossing my fingers I’d have at least another month. But apparently this is it. This is where I’ve run out of time, energy and motivation apparently.

There is still a lot to do. There’s a baby to prepare for, holidays are coming up and presents need to be wrapped, cards need to be sent, and then there’s the normal things, like remembering to do laundry (or more realistically, remembering to put it away after its been washed), and getting myself dressed and out the door every day.

More Appointments, More Sugar

Since my last update (only a week ago!), I’ve had three more appointments scheduled. Yes, it’s getting ridiculous.

They were all interesting for different reasons. One was for my three hour glucose test - yup as predicted, I failed the one hour test again. So off I went to spend three hours sitting in a waiting room, drinking super sweet orange drink, and getting my blood taken a million times. I’m almost getting good at it! Fasting, chugging the drink, bringing a book to read, and then packing food to eat for after.

Third Trimester

It’s time to get BIG!

Seriously though. They say that everything happens quicker in subsequent pregnancies because your body remembers this time around, but whoa is it true. It’s like my body just said “oh remember what it felt like to be 9 months pregnant? Let’s jump there NOW!”

So I’m feeling very big, and slow, and out of breath. I can’t breathe very well and doing almost anything leaves me panting. Who would have thought sitting on the couch would be so hard? My clothes are already uncomfortable, and it’s already impossible for me to find a position to sleep or sit in that feels good.

GOOD Pregnancy Update

This pregnancy is actually going.. okay? 

Which is funny to say because I was SO SICK for such a long time, and I'm sore and in pain a lot, and the heartburn has started to return... but I actually feel like time is passing quickly.  I'm not sure if it's because instead of sitting on the couch thinking about being pregnant I'm chasing around a 1 year old.. or if it's the time of year. 

Feeling More Optimistic

There's a reason I switched doctors this time around.  I just love this doctor so much.  She'll give me straight talk, odds and numbers, she'll tell me when to worry, and she'll also make me feel a lot better.  Maybe it's the first 5 minutes of every appointment when she spends time telling me how cute my belly is haha, but I always leave feeling better.  

Anatomy Scan, Take II

After my original anatomy scan, I got a call from the midwife on staff explaining some possible complications that they had seen, and she let me know that they were sending me to a specialist at Tufts to get another scan. Better machinery and more experienced/specialized doctors would get us some additional information that they needed. 

It got me a little nervous, and of course googling all the possible bad outcomes (some of which she'd already told me over the phone), but I was glad for the availability of the specialist. Unfortunately they wanted to see me in the middle of our annual vacation to Maine, and I was told that I really shouldn't wait, especially since if I skipped this one they might not be able to get me in until October. Womp womp. 

Whatever You Do, Don't Google

The anatomy scan!

Last time we were super excited to find out the gender and we counted down the days to the scan.  This time, I went alone and almost fell asleep in the room.  It's not my fault - it's a dark room, with white noise pumped in, and they lie you down on a bed while no one really talks for an hour.  Sure there's a screen showing you what's going on, but it's like watching an old black and white movie with no sound on a tv channel you don't really get a good signal on and it's full of static. 

It Won't Start with an E

I like looking at sibling names.  You can usually learn a lot about the parents by looking at sibling names.  There's usually a similar sound, or feel, and you can see what was important to the parents.  What their style is like. 

Maybe all of their kids have names from the bible.  Maybe they all start with the same letter.  Have the same number of syllables.  Have repeating double letters.  Are contemporary.  Are spelled uniquely.