Sugar High

26 Weeks

Sundex pregnancy glucose drink failed glucose test

I must say, for all the fear and anxiety that usually comes along with this test, it might be the easiest and most relaxing thing I've had to do this pregnancy!

Yup, it was time for the dreaded glucose/diabetes test.  This is the test where you're given an extremely sweet drink that tastes like flat orange soda (that also happens to burns your throat), and you have to finish it within 5 minutes of taking your first sip.  Then an hour later, you get your blood drawn. 

I'd been warned about the drink, and was told your best bet is to drink it as fast as possible.  With that in mind I gulped down as much as I could, and managed to drink half the bottle in my first sip.  Two more, and I'd finished it off.  The woman who had given it to me laughed at how quick I'd done it, but I really do think it's better than drawing it out.  Thankfully the drink was super cold, which I appreciated because I think it helped me from really tasting the flavor of the drink.  Orange is not usually my favorite flavored anything.

Once finished the drink they allowed me to drink water, which I was also thankful for, since I wasn't 100% sure what the rules were around that.  You're not allowed to eat or drink anything else besides water in that hour apparently.  

I managed to be pretty productive during the hour too.  I had a scheduled appointment to check on baby Spearson, rescheduled an appointment that I needed to move, and still had about 30 minutes to read my book!  Honestly I could have stayed there all afternoon - it was way better than being at work.  Baby Spearson was enjoying it too.  All of that sugar translated into lots of kicks! 

Overall it went how much of the second trimester has been going - quick and painless! 

Edit: You saw this coming right?  No one can brag about a test being so easy and fun without some repercussions... and mine came in the form of failing the test!  You need your number to be under 140 to pass, and mine came back at 142.  Womp womp.  

Which means I'm scheduled to triple my fun with a repeat test that will last 3 hours, and include 4 blood draws.