Always More Pumpkins

Christmas is going to be interesting this year.

Well, in more ways than one. But let me back up - I’m actually talking decoration wise. And no, I don’t have my trees up (yet!). I did start pulling out my Halloween/Fall decorations, though. Not all of them, but a few pumpkins here and there. It didn’t take long for a certain tiny human to notice… and demand that he be allowed to carry them around everywhere!

Parlee Farms Pumpkins

So far we’ve had one smashed ceramic pumpkin, and two other plastic pumpkins with their steams pulled out (even after they were super glued back in!).


I may have to rethink my strategy with Christmas trees…otherwise we’re in for a lot of destruction. At least I have a little bit of time to think about how to tie the trees to the walls, move decorations off the floor, and swap out breakable ornaments for the toddler proof ones. And figure out how to do all of this while I’m as big as a whale and moving as quickly as a sloth.

Like I said, interesting.

Until then, we’re still in Halloween mode over here. As we did last year, we headed to our favorite little farm to pick some pumpkins. Although some things were the same as last year, there were a lot of notable differences. Mainly that E is walking, so he was into everything! Goats and sheep? LOVED THEM. Chickens? Give him more! Non-corn maze? MUST PULL ALL THE HAY APART. He especially loved the pumpkin patch. Partly because there were pumpkins to explore, and partly because a big tractor kept driving by and waving to him, but mostly because Tom had a big wagon to push the pumpkins in, and E insisted on driving it everywhere.

Parlee Farms goats petting zoo
Parlee Farms Kid friendly

We even let him try some apple crisp this year. As always, whipped cream is his favorite, and he ate a few apples because he mostly likes those.. but in general I think he felt the same way we did - Bring back the strawberry shortcake! You better bet we’ll be counting the days until that makes a reappearance at Parlee Farms!

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