It’s amazing to watch a toddler’s brain develop. It changes week by week, and it’s awesome to watch them learn something in real time.

Now that E can officially say his name, he’s using it all the time. Of course he won’t just say it, he’ll beat his chest like an ape and yell it out loud. He’s also learning how to put sentences together, and it’s so fun to watch. The other day he dumped out his box of blocks, and they were all over his playpen. I held my hands up to my face and said “Oh no! What a mess! Who could have done this??” He looked up at me proudly, slammed his chest with his hand and goes “E DID IT!” I’m not sure what’s better. The brutal honesty, or the cuteness overload.

He’s also getting excited about being able to do things for himself. So if something is dropped or tipped over, instead of asking for us to help him, he’ll yell “NO! E do it!” and will then say “YAY I did it!” when he’s finished. And of course we all clap and cheer because how can you not?

Of course other favorite sentences still involve the turkeys and birds he sees out the window, as in “Oh no! Turkey went away!” Although more often than not, the turkeys come when he calls them now. I don’t know how he does it, but they always seem to appear when he wants them to. He’s also figured out the link between filling the bird feeders and his friends hanging around, so he’s starting asking Tom to fill them, and has even figured out that he can help. He can scoop the seeds and even fill one of our easier feeders.

He’s also figuring out places. When Tom drives him to daycare in the morning, he knows when they’re getting close. They’ll turn on the road and he’ll start chanting “daycare!!” and then when we’re heading home he’ll say “Daycare?” and I’ll say “Yes, we just left daycare. Where are we going now?” and he’ll say “Ohme!” (Home).

Meanwhile, G is also busy figuring things out. As in rolling. He can now officially roll from his back to his stomach when he wants to. Some days he’ll do it 2 or 3 times in a row. And then the next few days not at all. We’ve realized that he hasn’t really figured out, or has completely forgotten how to roll from his stomach to his back though. So he’ll just get stuck on his stomach.

Still, he’s quite excited by it, even it it’s another reason he’s not sleeping well at night. He’s also already trying to scoot. This kid wants to go places. Luckily for us, his tiny little arms are super weak and will never hold up his body, so he’s not going anywhere any time soon. However the other day I put him up on all fours (with a lot of support cuz he can’t hold that position) to show him what he’s working towards, and he just started laughing. Non stop, uncontrollable laughing. He was SO happy.

We’re going to be in so much trouble.

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