SECOND Birthday

Wheels on bus birthday

There are a lot of things that E gets excited about when he sees them. BIG TRUCKS, bikes, turkeys, and school buses! He also loves us to sing songs for him, and one of his most requested is “Wheels on the Bus.” He knows all the hand motions to all of the verses, and it’s the cutest thing ever.

So when I was deciding what to do for his second birthday, it just seemed like the perfect theme. I actually had more fun than I thought I would creating decorations for it, but we all know that any crafting is fun crafting for me haha.

I spent a lot of time on maternity leave crafting random buses, and every time I put a new one up, E was so happy. Overall the goal was to have a low key party, because anything would be exciting to him, and too much would just be overwhelming.

Well I went overboard in two areas, but I think they worked out okay. The first was the cake. I wasn’t going to. I had plans to just make a cupcakes or one regular cake, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I could.. maybe.. probably.. make a bus cake? I started planning and then the morning of the party I went to work. And when I was done I picked E up and said, “What is it??” and he said “BUS!” so I’ll call that a win. Also I swear I wasn’t going to make him a smash cake, but I had to cut out a corner of the cake to make it look like a bus, and it was just sitting there… and I had extra frosting.. so he got his own cake again this year.

It wasn’t quite as fun as last year’s smash cake, because now E has had lots of practice eating cake. Our daycare bakes a cake for every kid on their birthday, so in the past two months he’s gone to a lot of birthday parties. And had a lot of cake to eat! So he actually ate most of it with a fork, and only got a little bit on him.


The other thing I went a little crazy on? Oh that would be the 6’ tall bus I ordered. WHOOPS! Actually I’m not sorry, it’s amazing. And when E saw it, he went “Ohhh, BIG BUS!!” You got it kid. Also it seemed to be the only pictures I took of any of the adults at the party, so at least it was an excuse to take some more pictures!

Overall, I think it went really well. I wasn’t sure how it would go with 5 kids in the house, but it went surprisingly smooth? The kids had so much fun and were super well behaved. We managed to have cake and play outside and nothing felt too hectic or crazy? There were no meltdowns, everyone took their naps (okay G actually missed most of the party because he was napping like a champ!). And now we officially are into the 2s!!

Happy birthday E!

School bus cake

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