Torticollis, We've Got It


It's amazing how quickly you can forget the baby years. Even when you're still in them. So that's how I found myself feeling like a rookie mom at our 2 month appointment, even though I've been here only a year and a half ago.

I partially blame it on E, because he’s such a calm kid that after his shots you only have to pick him up for him to stop crying and move on. I wasn't expecting G to be exactly the same, but I also want expecting NOT being able to calm him down. Eating didn't help, cuddling didn't help, I ended up just packing him up and heading home, since I knew he'd fall asleep in the car (which he did).

Unfortunately the day didn't really improve until I remembered that shots in the leg = sore legs! And me grabbing on to them as I bounced him up and down wasn't helping. Whoops! Once I figured it out, we gave G a dose of Tylenol and he was able to settle down and get some good sleep and was back to normal. Yay!

However that wasn't the only thing that came from his 2 month appointment. We've noticed G has a hard time turning his head to the left, and always sleeps or lies down with his head bent down to the right. It was getting worse by the week and also creating a flat spot on his right side.

All that lead to a torticollis diagnosis and a prescription for PT. We weren’t really surprised - G’s high muscle tone made him a little predisposed to it. Either way, we’re on the road to making it better. We had our first appointment this week, and got good news. His case isn't that bad yet, and with all the stretches and activities we're supposed to do, we should be able to avoid a helmet.

So we’ll try to forgive him for already causing problems at two months, and try not to be scared for what a toddler G is going to look like.. and we’ll be over here doing lots and lots of stretches!


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