Getting Closer

I’ve mentioned that I’m being monitored like crazy during this pregnancy. I’m really appreciative of it, and I love my medical team, so I’ve managed to not be too anxious or worried, which is great.

Baby has been doing wonderful, and lately I’ve been feeling pretty good too. I mean I’ve been super sick, but that has nothing to do with being pregnant. All my pregnancy symptoms have really mellowed lately, so I’ve officially reached the “forgetting I’m pregnant” stage again. It’s weird to be so pregnant and feel that way, but it happened last time at the end too. Something about the baby changing position or dropping I think.

So I really wasn’t expecting it, when at my weekly checkup a few days ago, my doctor told me she wasn’t going to let me leave. She was worried about how sick I was, how dehydrated that was making me, and how high the baby’s heartbeat was. There was talk about sending me to the hospital, or hooking me up to an IV, but first I was ordered to have a non stress test to check on the baby, and to chug a ton of water.

(Normally we’re told to drink 8oz an hour and I’ve been told I need to be drinking at least 12oz every hour now. Yay….)

Luckily the baby checked out great, and my doctor was happy with the amount of water I drank, so I was eventually allowed to leave, almost 3 hours after I got there. Overall it’s just a reminder of how close to the end I am, and that baby can decide to come at any time! It just seems so surreal, especially since I don’t feel pregnant anymore, I’m not thinking about it every minute of the day.

Even weirder, is thinking that this weekend might be the last that we have alone with E! I feel like we should do something special to mark it.. but more than likely we’ll end up at home making elephant noises and chasing the kitty..


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