Separation Anxiety

E's been having a rough time lately.  I think he's finally entered the separation anxiety phase.  (Thanks Wonder Weeks for telling me it was going to happen back in December and making me think we'd skipped it entirely..)

It's weird for all of us, because it's not his personality.  He loves strangers!  He's independent!  But he also needs to be touching us at all times now.  But still running across the room.  

It leads to a lot of whining and tears and running into our laps only to push us away.  He needs us there, but needs to be on his own.  If we leave the room or are out of sight, the crying is instant.  He still loves strangers, and wants to touch them and talk to them, but maybe from our arms.  And speaking of arms, if you can find a way for both Tom and me to hold him at the same time, he'd super like that.  

It's totally normal, completely in line with his development, but it's just left us feeling a little off.  It also probably doesn't help that he's coming down with a cold and is feeling a bit crummy at the same time.  So we're over here giving lots of extra snuggles, and being really patient with everything.  

Speaking of development, though, E just had his 9 month doctor's appointment!  Our little nugget is now 19 pounds, 4 ounces (although I'm pretty sure this is down from just before started to crawl and slimmed down a bit) and is 27.75 inches tall.  His doctor's appointments are pretty easy, since he's fairly healthy and we have no concerns about him.  He didn't even get any shots this time!  It's amazing to think how much he's going to change over the next 3 months - by our next appointment we'll have a 1 year old!

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