Three Months

As of 8/28/2017

Nick Names: Bubba, Bubs
Height: 24 inches (As measured at home since no doctor's appointment)
Weight: 15 lbs (As measured at home)
Head: Large
Special Outings: Family vacation in Maine, craft group, movies (Wonder Woman, The Glass Castle, Landline), Fenway Park
Visitors: Linzy
Loves: Sucking on hands, being outside, sticking out tongue, playing airplane
Hates: Elevators/Ears Popping

Three months.  We're officially out of the fourth trimester!


You're working on a lot of new skills, none of which you've mastered yet.  You still want to suck your thumb, and sometimes you do, but most of the time you clasp your hands together and suck on your knuckles.  You've rolled from your stomach to your back a handful of times, but I still think it's on accident and you're not sure how you do it.  You're also working on those stomach muscles because one day you'd love to be able to sit up, but for now it's only in the bumbo for you.

You're still not a fan of sleeping too much at night, but you're doing a lot better at that too.  Some nights you only wake up twice.  Others it's more, but almost always you're making noises, slamming your feet against the bassinet and rolling all around, which makes for less than restful sleep.

You're happiest when you wake up for the day.  It's my favorite part of the day because you're just so happy.  We take our time getting you up and dressed for the day, because you could sit there and giggle and stick your tongue out for an hour.  And sometimes I let you.

You still get startled easily.  Some times I scare you if I come up to you too suddenly.  You're usually off in your own little world, and when I pull you back to reality you jump and throw your arms up in the air and get the most concerned look on your face. 


You're getting a lot better in the car.  You rarely scream anymore, just complain and whine sometimes, and often now I can get you to fall asleep.  Going out of the house with you is a lot easier too.  I feel like I've started to come out of this fog that I didn't even know I was in for the past few months.  Even though it didn't seem that hard at the time, looking back I can see we were still a bit in survival mode. 

I still get a little nervous taking you out of the house or going somewhere new, just because you never know what might happen. Even though I now know I can handle whatever comes our way. 

We're getting ready to start daycare and for me to head back to work.  We're enjoying our last days of vacation and enjoying our time together, but I think we're all ready for something new.  You get bored easier now, and I think you're going to have so much fun playing and experiencing new things at daycare. 

I have a feeling at your four month update I'm going to be writing about a whole new baby!

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