Back to Boston...

... back to reality!

Well not quite. Tom and I actually have today and tomorrow off from work, so we'll be able to slowly re-acclimate to the real world.

You're also probably noticing that things look really funny around here.  Since we no longer have a wedding that we need to plan for, I'm reorganizing the website a bit.  Colors will probably be a bit off, things may change positions a bit, but just hold in there and I promise everything will settle down soon. 

I'm also trying to add in a subscriber options, so you'll receive an email every time there is a new blog post.  That way you won't have to keep checking the website every day (Hi Nicole!) or miss new blog post completely (Hi Linzy!). If this interests you, there should be a subscriber box on the left hand navigation, or this should work:

And now, for what everyone's really waiting for, honeymoon pictures!

There are more in the Wedding photo gallery here.  Also stay tuned for fun videos to be posted soon!