Happy New Year!

Happy all of the holidays!  It's been a while since I even logged on to this website, so I thought I'd take some time to share where we're at with things.

Minnie Mouse LOVES engagements rings!

A lot has happened in the past two months:
- We sent out Save the Dates!  (YAY)
- We went to DISNEY
- We managed to send out Christmas cards (Lots of mail from us!)
- Christmas happened
- Thanksgiving was in there somewhere too
- Caitlin moved to Cambridge and has finally unpacked the LAST box!

A few wedding planning updates:

  • The dress is IN HAND! (It's actually hanging up in our closet and Tom's on the honor system not to peek!)
  • We now have a guestbook!
  • We also put up information on our hotel blocks, which can be found here.  We understand that hotels in Boston are extremely expensive - let us know if you'd like to come but the cost is too much.  We might have some creative solutions.

January is looking like a busy month for us as we start checking off more of the wedding to-dos.  We'll keep you updated!