Engagement Photos

I've had a few people ask me what the point of engagement pictures are.  They're certainly not necessary and a lot of people have gotten married without them.  Sure they're useful if you want to send out a save the date (we do) or you want to build a super fun website (obviously), but again they're not required.

Still, I felt they were something that were really important to me.  Maybe it's just the document-er in me that needed to capture this moment.  The same side of me that spends hours on ancestry.com or makes my relatives gather for family pictures against their will. 

So when a photography company offered us a free session, we jumped at the opportunity.  Unfortunately it was pretty clear from the beginning the photographer wasn't a good match for us, and when we got the photographs back we didn't love them.  Sure, some were okay.  Some we even liked.  But the majority of them were too posed, too weird, too creepy.  Will someone please explain to me the appeal of the creepy stalker pictures?

What's he doing back there? Just staring at me? It's weird, right?

What's he doing back there? Just staring at me? It's weird, right?

Not one to give up, I went on a search for wedding photographers.  I figured if I found one that we liked, it would make sense to try them out before the actual wedding.  With that logic, we could redo our engagement pictures, hopefully with a better outcome. 

Well we found not one, but two, and we LOVE them.  Tico & Red are a husband and wife duo who work together to photograph weddings, and they're not only super talented, but they're also incredibly nice and fun.  As soon as we met them, we knew they'd be perfect, and couldn't wait to redo our engagement pictures with them. 

We made plans to meet up one Sunday afternoon in downtown Boston, and wandered the city finding creative places to take pictures.  Once we were done, I suddenly knew exactly what the point of engagement pictures were:  They were FUN!  They were a break from any stress wedding planning and dealing with our families had brought, they were a break from the "to do lists", from our jobs, from daily life.  They were a time to spend some quality time together, to really connect, and to document this incredibly special time in our lives.  They capture all the best parts of being engaged.  Also, they kind of make me feel like a super star.  Seriously, everyone should spend some time walking through a city with two photographers capturing your every move.

But the best part?  These pictures are the coolest things I've ever seen!  And because we're nice, here's a sneak peek of some of our favorites:

I purposely left the TICO & RED watermark on these because I'm so in love with these photographers and they deserve all of the credit!  Amazing right?  Also, these were all taken in the same area of Boston, which is also amazing to me since they're all so different.  Now who else is excited for the wedding photos!?