Even though we haven't posted any updates here in a while, rest assured that there are many things happening behind the scenes!  We'll definitely share more details when they're finalized.

One thing I can share, though, is that we've booked our honeymoon!  There were many places we looked at, but there was one place that kept coming up in recommendations, especially from Ryan, Becca, Brooke and Joanie (thanks guys!). 


We've been assured that we'll have beautiful weather, hurricanes won't ruin our trip, and that the island is amazing and we'll love it!

For those of you who have been there before, please share your favorite things to do on the island, inside tips, must eat at restaurants, and anything else that we should know!  We've been researching different activities and tours, and have even added options for people to help us with some of them to our registry page, if that interests you.

We're not flying out until the Monday after the wedding, so we'll have plenty of time to pack our bags, hang out with anyone who wants to attend our day after brunch, and hopefully ensure a nice relaxing trip. 

Hopefully we'll be warmer than this on the beach in Aruba!

Hopefully we'll be warmer than this on the beach in Aruba!