This is Probably My Fault

Well it finally happened.  We were warned about it.  Told to avoid it at all costs because of the trouble it causes.  I thought we were being careful, but it finally happened.

E has a favorite toy. 

He chooses it over all other toys, and you can’t substitute it for anything.  Nothing else can distract him because he has eyes only for his favorite.  He ignores us, forgets about everything else that’s going on.. he just chats quietly to it.  He even tried to hide it in his diaper the other day so he could bring it to daycare.  Oh and the time he lost it behind the changing table?  You better believe that he got Tom to get it back quickly.  


Yup, it’s a Starbucks straw.  #ProudMom?

I don’t know why, all I know is that in a moment of desperation I grabbed the closest thing to me and handed it to him, and the crying stopped.  And he held on to it all night, brought it up to bed with him, and every morning he’s been greeting it at the changing table where he left it the night before. 

At least it’s cheap and easily replaceable??


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