Eight Months

Nick Names: The Bubba, Bubba-bee, Sweetness
Height: 26.5 inches (Estimated because no doctor's appointment)
Weight: 20 pounds (Estimated)
Head: 17+ inches
Special Outings: None?  We were total home bodies unless you count shopping trips.. 
Visitors: Raina & Zaida
Loves: Being surprised, cousin Zaida, poking at faces
Hates: Getting face/nose cleaned, being tired or hungry, not being able to crawl


I'm officially calling this period of time "the middle."  You're not a tiny infant, and you're not a toddler.  You're just a baby.  A totally normal, very cute, baby.  And babies are easy.  Yes you cry and whine and mystify us from time to time, but this is all stuff we can handle.  Our days aren't miraculous, but they're also not impossible.  You're just so happy and thrilled with life lately, and that makes us want to just sit and enjoy you most of the time.  

I guess I already knew this, but looking at the picture of you on your blanket, it just hits me.  You're so big now!  I kind of love this size, because it's so huggable!  But it's amazing to look back at your baby pictures and see how much of a nugget you were. I'll probably say the same thing to you when you're 6' - just a warning.

Somehow I'd describe you as both strong willed and easy going at the same time.  You are capable of throwing mini tantrums, kicking your legs and throwing your head back until you get what you want.  But at the same time, if we decide to do something completely new and we're sure you'll freak out about it.. you just giggle and adapt.  You still love strangers and school and the kitty.  All of which make you laugh.  Boy do you love to laugh, and it's the most rewarding sound. 

I also think the magic of the internet might have worked.  Last night you moved across your room a good three feet towards a book you wanted.  And again this morning, there was some very determined half scoot, half crawl across the room toward the kitty.  Maybe not a full blown crawl, but after 2+ months of trying, this is the closest you've gotten.  I'm pretty sure by the end of the week we're going to have a full blown crawler on our hands.  (Or knowing you, you'll learn how and then refuse to do it for a few weeks).


I'm not sure why I'm surprised by it, but the most amazing thing is how much you like me and Tom.  The looks we get when we show up after you haven't seen us for a while - whether it's coming to get you at daycare, or after a nap, or even after going to get the mail.  Your face lights up and you smile and lunge towards us.  If I'm holding you, you're equally likely to put your head down on my shoulder and just melt into my arms, or to sit up and study my face, running your hands all over it, and staring into my eyes. 

And your eyes.  They're my favorite.  Somehow I think they're a perfect mix of mine and Tom's.  You might have his color, but they're open and wide like mine.  I love the look you get when you're studying something.  They can tell a complete story, those eyes..

What I'm trying to say, I think, is that we're thrilled with you.  And I'm so happy that you seem to be thrilled with us too. 

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