All the Small Things

These are the days I'm going to forget.  The days where nothing happens, but that make up the essence of our life.  Scheduling our days around naps.  Teaching E how to eat and cleaning up so many messes.  Jumping in the car and walking around AC Moore or Lowe's or the supermarket so we have a chance to get out of the house and E gets some stimulation and people to look at.

Sitting on the floor playing with toys, watching the kitty and building towers out of blocks.  Tossing cat treats that make Maia run in circles and E belly laugh.  Watching the world pass by out the window.  Turkeys and cars and the neighbors and snow. 

Laundry and bath time and shoveling snow with the baby monitor clipped to my jacket, the sound of waves our soundtrack as we move snow. 

Days go by one after another.  There doesn't seem to be time to sit back and enjoy it, because there's always another meal to plan or nap to give or pile of clothes to put away.  It's not to say we're not having fun, not enjoying our days... they're just going a bit fast for me.  And yet at the same time I wish I had more to tell you.  But it's all little things lately.  Although after the fall we had, that might be okay. 

E is definitely thriving.  He's loving the structure, and the opportunity to practice eating and not being overtired all the time. 

His little personality is so fun right now.  When he's upset or excited, he kicks his legs up and down.  Quick and fast when the bottle is coming.  Loud and hard when it's done and he wanted more. 

He cries when I sneeze, but not Tom.  Even though Tom's are way louder.  It's the saddest cry that starts with a scream and then slowly winds down.

We've decided that he's ticklish. When daycare tries to get a footprint he'll alternate between giggles and pulling his foot away. (Wonder where he got that from?)

When I walk into the daycare classroom, I love the moment he notices me.  The eyes light up first, then the mouth opens into a slow, wide grin.  And sometimes giggles.  His arms start waving like a penguin.  Sometimes if he's busy playing, it might take a few minutes for him to notice me, but once he does, it's the best thing ever.

Little things.  But they make me happy.

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