The Thing That Shall Not be Named

"Oh he's almost there!"

"It's going to happen so soon!"

"He's so close!  I bet it happens this weekend!"

I try not to pay too much attention to milestones.  I certainly don't care if they happen early or late, and it doesn't bother me when another baby checks something off before we do.  I know it will all happen eventually.  If anything, I usually tell myself whatever it is will happen way later, so that I'm pleasantly surprised when it does happen. 


This crawling thing?  It's just so weird.  I don't care that he's not crawling, and I am enjoying the time where he's not mobile yet, I really am.  It's just that he's been SO CLOSE for so long, it's become a thing.  He clearly could do it.  He can move all over the place when he's not paying attention.  He just doesn't.  And because he's SO CLOSE, it gets talked about a lot.  By everyone.  And they convince me it's going to happen RIGHT NOW.  So I take my camera out and film, and then two weeks later we're in the same spot.  I'm not even kidding when I say we've been in this pattern for two months now. 

So now I've just decided he'll be walking before he crawls and have stopped paying attention. Which if you know how the jinx of the internet works, means he'll start the day after I publish this post.  Or he'll start at the most inconvenient time.  When we're traveling and nothing is baby-proofed.

Either way, I'm going to stop talking about it.  Ignore it completely.  Right, that's a thing I can do?

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