Travel Photos

Otherwise known as photos from not-home.  Where we've been, things we've seen, and other places special to us, near or far. (And let's be honest, with baby E making his appearance, they're probably going to be a lot nearer for the foreseeable future). 

York, Me - July 2019

And then there were four! Our first vacation/overnight/time away from home as a family of 4! G has officially been introduced to our vacationland, and I think he liked it! (And yes, this was our first vacation in a year!)


York, ME - July 2018

Our annual trip to Maine - last one as a family of 3!

Fort Myers/Bonita Springs, FL - February 2018

Well we finally did it - we flew with a baby!  We enjoyed a week of fun in the sun while Boston dealt with nasty weather and a big storm.  Totally worth it!

Royal Scoop Ice Cream Bonita Springs Cow
Beach Baby
Red Sox hat baby

Lake Placid - December 2017

Part family reunion, part wedding, part Christmas trip.  Completely fun!


Chicago - September 2016

We headed to Chicago to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.  These were the last few days we had before we knew E was on the way, and the whole trip holds such fun and special memories for us. 

Our trip to Chicago, the Bean and other landmarks

Fort Myers, FL - March 2016


Washington DC - March 2016


Aruba - September 2015

Our Honeymoon!  We chose Aruba knowing nothing about it, and with no past desire to travel there, but people told us it was pretty, warm, and out of the normal hurricane path.  Sold!  It turned out to be a great trip and an amazing experience.  It was the perfect place to relax after a wedding and to start off our marriage. 

Honeymoon photos! We spent a week in Aruba and it was relaxing, beautiful, and amazing. (Also, holy hair Caitlin!)

Walt Disney World - December 2014

Not going to lie, aside from being a ton of fun, this was a pretty big relationship test for us.  The length of the trip, the amount of planning and effort that went into it, and the exhaustion and range of emotions experienced at Disney - all great predictors of how we might react to future stressors.  

Lucky for us we passed the test with flying colors (since we were engaged at the time) and it only made us more excited for the years and trips to come. (Can we go back now please?)

The only thing better than Disney, is Disney at Christmas with a Santa Goofy.

NYC - April 2014

Not the only time we've been to NYC, and hopefully not the last, but a memorable trip for us.


York, Maine - Every Summer, since forever

Vacation Land. Also known as York, Maine