Meet The Spearsons


Who We are

We're the Spearsons - I'm Caitlin, and I'm married to Tom.  We live in the greater Boston area, in a house we moved into in 2016 and have been completing random projects on ever since.  We met at church (I know, how old fashioned, right?), where we immediately fell in love and started dating.  Oh wait, that wasn't us... It's more like we became acquaintances, ran into each other from time to time, then were elected as co-leaders of our church's young adult group where we worked together for 3 years, and then we fell in love and started dating. We've recently added to our family with baby boys in both 2017 and 2018.

More about Caitlin

I am a New Englander through and through.  Born and raised in Vermont, I grew up vacationing in Maine, and then eventually moved to Boston for college.  I'm still enjoying the easy access to Target and stores that stay open after 6pm, so I'll probably stick around for a bit longer. 

I love to create things, and was a DIY-er before I knew that was a thing.  From large scale construction projects to knitting or scrapbooking, I usually have a few random projects in various states throughout the house.  I'm pretty certain that one day I'll have my own etsy store, as soon as I find a few extra hours in the day...

More about Tom

Tom is also New England born, took a detour to upstate NY for college, and then ended up in Boston where he went to grad school. 

Tom likes to laugh at everything, is a not-so-closeted nerd, and spends his time reading different fantasy and sci-fi adventure books on his kindle. He also loves cooking, grocery shopping, and watching lots of youtube videos.


Mom blog baby advice

Things you might find me blogging about: 

  • Making our house our home: We love our house, and while it's pretty close to perfect, we always have small improvements we're working on to make it more ours.

  • Our Travels: We always have a list of places that we want to visit or return to. Some exotic (Ireland, Iceland, Bermuda) and some less so (Chicago, LA, Washington DC).

  • The tiny ones: You'll probably see a lot of baby E on this blog. We call him Bubba, and he's pretty awesome. Recently he became a big brother when we welcomed baby G, our little Goober. Besides that we have a very opinionated kitty and someday we'd like to get a dog as well (don't tell the kitty!)

In the meantime, we'll try to post semi regular updates on our adventures in and around Boston, Caitlin's recent and ever changing obsessions, and lots of photos. 

For some more cliff notes, places to get started, try this:

We can't wait to see what the future holds for us.. apparently it's going to be busy.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment on our blog, send us a note if you have more to say, or let us know if you have something you're dying to know!

~ Caitlin & Tom Spearson