Baby G Firsts

Similarly to what I did for baby E, I've decided to track all of baby G's milestones in one place.  Not to compare the two, but so that when someone asks me later when they started doing X, I have a chance of remembering. I'll try to update periodically, but I can't promise to remember everything!

First Doctor's Visit: 12/26/2018

First Movie: Vice on 1/14/2019 at 3 weeks old.

Baby first bath Luvs.jpg

Bath time

Tom and my favorite TV commerical is the luv’s diaper ad with the first time and second time parents attempting bath time. It’s so us. With E, we were terrified to give him a bath, and made our visitors do it for us. With G, its just part of our day. So his first sponge bath happened on 1/2/2019, and his first real bath was on 1/11/2019, which I did solo when I was home with him and he spit up everywhere. We’ve since even done parallel baths with Tom giving E a bath in the bathtub and me giving G one in his baby tub.



G’s first night sleeping through without waking or eating, was 4/13/2019 at 3 and a half months old.







Things we're still waiting for:

First Roll (stomach to back): 

First time out of State: 

First Red Sox Game: 

First day of school: 

First Roll (back to stomach): 

First night away from Dad: 

First night away from Mama:

Sitting Up: 




Pulls up to Standing: 

First Plane Ride: 

First Sleepover: 

First Steps: 

Walking regularly: 

First Tooth:  

Second Tooth:

First Babysitter: