The More Things Change...

Recently I was looking at a post from a year ago, and I started laughing at how much it sounded exactly like our life now.  

Maia checking out all the baby stuff? Check!

It's pretty funny how quickly she'll jump on something if she thinks it's for the baby.  Her favorite spot is still the changing table, although she'll take just about anything she can get.  And that car seat she wouldn't test out before?  Officially taken over.  We had a baby gate delivered the other day and before it was even out of the box, she was jumping all over it, claiming it as hers. 

Sick, We've Got It

Oh have we got it.

Poor Bubba's had it pretty bad.  He was fighting off a virus for about a week, but seemed happy.  Then came the puking.  Oh so much puking.  At daycare.  At home.  On me.  On the bed.  On the floor.  Everywhere.  Just when he seemed like he was getting better, he got hit with another virus/cold.  Suddenly he wasn't eating, not acting like his self, all stuffy, and hit with a fever.

A Weekend in the Life

Warning: This post is obnoxiously long, filled with pictures (seriously it may not even load on your phone - I actually didn't post half of what I took because it was taking so long), and maybe not be that interesting to many people, but I like to post snap shots of our life from time to time and see how they've changed.  Here's a peek into our life right now (on the weekends at least)

It Was a Good Weekend

Today's not a great day, for various reasons.  The obnoxious thing is I'm no longer certain of my own feelings - am I really upset over something, or is it being amplified by my hormones?  I used to hate it when people claimed their hormones were affecting their emotions because it seemed like BS to me.  It didn't happen to me.