The Slow Down

I was hoping I’d have more time. After all, I’m only 7 months pregnant, and I was crossing my fingers I’d have at least another month. But apparently this is it. This is where I’ve run out of time, energy and motivation apparently.

There is still a lot to do. There’s a baby to prepare for, holidays are coming up and presents need to be wrapped, cards need to be sent, and then there’s the normal things, like remembering to do laundry (or more realistically, remembering to put it away after its been washed), and getting myself dressed and out the door every day.

Just Me and the Baby

Recently E and I did something we hadn't done before - we packed up the car and drove off for the weekend, without Tom! 

We had a baby shower to go to, and Tom had some work stuff, and so we ended up parting ways.  (Plus when given the choice between weekend alone or a baby shower, he maybe leaned towards being able to sleep in...)

E's Best Buddies

I'm not sure if E will be an extrovert or an introvert yet.  I go back and forth all the time with what I think.  He's a Gemini like me, and usually needs a lot of time to recover from any outings we have (of course that could just be a baby thing).  On the flip side, he loves social interactions and is always wide eyed, taking it all in.

Three Things Thursday

1.  There are only 37 days until the wedding! 

I was looking at the calendar the other day, and realized that I can see everything on one page now!  That means there are only 5 weekends left to cross things off of our lists.  eeeek!