Extra Mama Time

Here's what I believe about toddlers, at least two year old toddlers. They don't know how to misbehave, or how to do things to annoy you on purpose. They only know there are things that will get your attention, and things that won't.

And if they're doing something to get your attention, it's because they need you and don't know how to say so.

The Mystery Bananas

Language is powerful. Nothing reinforces that more than having children. Suddenly you’re watching what you say around them or how you say it. Aware that they’re taking in everything, and learning from you. Words can also dictate behavior. E learned a new word recently, and it’s completely changing how we spend our weekends.

The word? Outside.

No Fear

I never wanted E to be timid or afraid of life. So I’ve tried hard not to hover over him, and let him explore on his own. I’m aware that means he may get hurt from time to time in situations that I could have prevented, but the goal is/was to make him independent and confident. That’s what we’re supposed to do as parents, right?

Small Tales from Daycare

It's no secret that we love our daycare, and E especially loves it there.  He learns new things all the time, and it's amazing.  One weekend we noticed he had started bringing books over to us and then immediately sitting down on the ground and crossing his ankles like he's trying to sit cross legged.  It's the cutest thing ever, and we definitely have circle time to thank for it. 

E's first header

Books are dangerous. They can fill your head with all sorts of ideas and stories...or they can bruise your nose. In this case I'm talking about the latter.

E's too smart for his own good lately. He's getting bored of his usual toys and he's starting to figure out our routines. Part of that means that he knows his bedtime routine well enough that he knows bedtime stories are just the last thing keeping him from food before bed. So he cries while we read.