New Routines

Snow, Ice, and Cold

It’s officially winter here. This past weekend we pretty much hibernated at home while we got some snow, then some ice, and then some rain, and then everything froze and it’s currently below zero here. Ugh. Once upon a time, I did say that I wanted a winter baby. And for a lot of reasons, I’m happy that worked out. It’s actually dark out when I go to bed, which makes a 6pm bedtime way easier. On the flip side, it’s also dark in the mornings and pretty hard to stay awake and get moving. I no longer feel guilty about not leaving the house on days I just want to cuddle on the couch all day, but on the days I do want to go somewhere, I’m left trying to bundle up a tiny baby who hates being cold, and I’m also freezing as I try to deal with car seats and loading junk into the car.

First Week Done

We made it through the week!

And it wasn't that bad.  Going back to work was easier than I thought it would be.  It was like I'd been gone forever and never left at the same time. It was awesome to see all my friends again and catch up with them, and even awesome to get some work done.  It was good to put my brain to use!