Liquid Fireworks

It's Forking Cold Out

What do you do when the windchill is below zero, you've been inside for the past few days, and your kid is getting cabin fever?  Why you head to the local furniture store of course! 

I swear this blog could be an ad for Jordan's Furniture store with how frequently I talk about it here.  However, our options are limited.  We've already hit up Target and the local mall, and there really isn't many places where you can get food, entertainment, and is child friendly when it's this cold. 

Date Night

Date nights for us used to look like reservations at a fancy restaurant, meeting up after work, and heading out all dressed up to spend a few hours talking over multiple courses of a meal. Lately, various complications including shifted working hours, longer commutes and busy schedules have meant that it's been a while since we've had a night like that. 

So instead, we've been taking dates nights when and wherever we can find them.  Recently, that meant date night at a local furniture store after shopping for desk chairs.