Doctor appointment

Getting Closer

I’ve mentioned that I’m being monitored like crazy during this pregnancy. I’m really appreciative of it, and I love my medical team, so I’ve managed to not be too anxious or worried, which is great.

Baby has been doing wonderful, and lately I’ve been feeling pretty good too. I mean I’ve been super sick, but that has nothing to do with being pregnant. All my pregnancy symptoms have really mellowed lately, so I’ve officially reached the “forgetting I’m pregnant” stage again. It’s weird to be so pregnant and feel that way, but it happened last time at the end too. Something about the baby changing position or dropping I think.

Separation Anxiety

E's been having a rough time lately.  I think he's finally entered the separation anxiety phase.  (Thanks Wonder Weeks for telling me it was going to happen back in December and making me think we'd skipped it entirely..)

It's weird for all of us, because it's not his personality.  He loves strangers!  He's independent!  But he also needs to be touching us at all times now.  But still running across the room.  

In Search of a Doctor

I always knew that one of my jobs as a mom would be to advocate for my children.  I just didn't think that it would start so soon!  

When I was pregnant, Tom and I did a lot of research on things we'd need once E was here, one of which was a pediatrician.  We found a practice that was RAVED about, we even attended a new parent's night there to get a feel for it.  It seemed like a great fit, and so we scheduled our newborn appointment there.