Life with a One Year Old

We survived the first year.  We celebrated the birthday.  We still have no teeth, but we now have a toddler on our hands.  Can you call them a toddler if they still don't walk?  He's definitely not a baby anymore, though.  

I miss the baby stage.  Even when he wasn't sleeping through the night.  It was easy - you fed him, you cuddled him, you could spend your weekends on the couch and he'd be happy to just look at your face.  

Separation Anxiety

E's been having a rough time lately.  I think he's finally entered the separation anxiety phase.  (Thanks Wonder Weeks for telling me it was going to happen back in December and making me think we'd skipped it entirely..)

It's weird for all of us, because it's not his personality.  He loves strangers!  He's independent!  But he also needs to be touching us at all times now.  But still running across the room.