Car rides

Bits and Pieces of a Baby

It had been coming for a while, but we finally did it. Baby G is no longer in a bucket seat. Poor thing was pretty uncomfortable in there. His feet were hanging way over the edge, which meant that more than once we’d stubbed his toe against a car, door or wall as we were trying to carry him in the seat. His head was nearing the top, and he could easily grab the handle with both of his hands. I’d be driving and look back and he’d be holding on to each side like it was a roller coaster and he was afraid to let go.

The Ride Home

It’s hard to pick a favorite part of my day, but it might be right after I pick up E at daycare. I grab him first, and then we go to pick up his brother. I open the door and tell E to go find his baby. And he runs around looking from baby to baby until he finds G. It’s seriously the cutest thing ever.

This part of the day is easy and fun. It’s before the dinner struggle. Before I have to fight to get them in PJs and deal with tears because they’re overtired but don’t want to go to bed.

Yup, That Happened

I saw it stopped at the cross street ahead, and started hoping. As it slowly pulled out, I got excited and sped up just a tiny bit. Pretty soon we were side by side on the road, me purposely matching their speed, and it hit me. Wow we do weird things for our kids. Still, I called out to E and told him to look out his window, and got exactly the reaction I was looking for. “Bus! Bus! BUS BUSBUSBUS!” Yes, I was in the passing lane, speed matching the slow transit bus on the drive home from daycare so my son could see his latest obsession.


I’m not sure why, but I really enjoy them. Maybe they’re made for small children, but I disagree. They’re one of those things that I can’t walk past if I see one. I want to ride it. And I usually do. It used to be Nicole that I’d drag on with me (okay drag is too strong a word, I think she likes them too!) and now it’s Tom.

Central Park carousel? Ridden it. Disney World carousel? Yup. Boston’s? Of course.

Winter Wonderland Wedding

This past weekend we went to a different kind of winter wonderland.  Instead of celebrating first birthdays, we were celebrating a wedding!  

It's been a while since I've been at a wedding where I wasn't in the bridal party (or the bride!) but this one was so much fun (and less stressful!).  It was weird, because for the first time we had to worry about who was watching the tiny human we'd brought along with us, but luckily some planning ahead of time minimized that problem as well.  

Just Me and the Baby

Recently E and I did something we hadn't done before - we packed up the car and drove off for the weekend, without Tom! 

We had a baby shower to go to, and Tom had some work stuff, and so we ended up parting ways.  (Plus when given the choice between weekend alone or a baby shower, he maybe leaned towards being able to sleep in...)