Best Friends

The Fuzzy Baby

Perhaps you've met our cat, Maia.  If so, you probably have opinions about her.  Especially depending on how much of a cat person you are.  

If you're not really a cat person, you might be a bit afraid of her.  She always seems to show up in random places that may startle you - behind your head, watching you sleeping, jumping out at you in the dark.  She may have even swiped at you, scratched you, or tried to bite you. (In which case, I'm very sorry!)

"Are They Twins?"

Yes it's easier to leave him home.  Let him stay with Tom while I go hang out with my two favorite ladies.  Two on one, big people to littles.  It's a lot less hectic, a lot less tiring.


The look on their faces when they see each other?  When they realize that this wasn't just a normal outing, that they get to see their buddy?  Pure joy, happiness and excitement.