Bad photos

Where Does the Time Go?

Is time moving at warp speed lately?  I've always felt like summers go by quicker than winters, but given that we still have snow in the forecast and I'm already feeling like time is slipping between my fingers, I'm a bit worried. 

Take Easter for example.  {How/When/What!?!?}  Yeah, that pretty much describes how I feel about it.  It came out of nowhere and then blew past me super fast.  All of us being sick might have had something to do with it, or the fact that it was early this year, but WHERE DID EASTER GO!?  Ever the practical one, I just decided that it was still here and took E's Easter pictures last weekend.  Close enough, right?  I'm not sure he was on board with the idea, though.  Sure he humored me for a bit in the beginning, mostly because I was bribing him with puffs, but as soon as I tried to lie him on the ground he decided he was done.  Oh well. 

Sick, We've Got It

Oh have we got it.

Poor Bubba's had it pretty bad.  He was fighting off a virus for about a week, but seemed happy.  Then came the puking.  Oh so much puking.  At daycare.  At home.  On me.  On the bed.  On the floor.  Everywhere.  Just when he seemed like he was getting better, he got hit with another virus/cold.  Suddenly he wasn't eating, not acting like his self, all stuffy, and hit with a fever.

The Bad Pictures

My boss made a comment to me recently.  "Make sure you get a few pictures of E crying too."  His point was that they'll remind us of how far we've come and all the rough times we went through, but also that they can be hilarious. 

It's true that we focus a lot on the cute and happy baby pictures.  But one of the reasons that my boss and I work so well together is that we have the same sense of humor.  So although I don't always share them, there are plenty of "bad" pictures.