Today is Friday

I’ve officially fallen into the maternity leave vortex. All day yesterday I was SURE it was Wednesday. Because the day before it was definitely Tuesday. Except it wasn’t, and yesterday was Thursday. I almost showed up to the police department to get the car seats checked, but luckily I was too tired yesterday because they only check car seats on Wednesdays.

Adding a Little Beauty to This World

Let's focus on something good in the world right now, like art - sound good?

One of my favorite things about working where I do, is the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.  It's a long, winding park that replaced I-93 once the big dig was completed.  It runs from the North End to Chinatown, and there's always something new to see or do.  Farmers markets, food trucks, water fountains, art installations... it really is a fun part of the city.