We’re still figuring out what Easter will look like for our family, but this year is making me very excited for the future. E is old enough that he understands egg hunts now, and they’re my new favorite things. We don’t hide the eggs very hard, but he loves running around finding them, and now that he knows that they’re filled with treats, he’s extra excited.

Worth Every Penny

When I was pregnant and we'd walk through Target looking at baby clothes, Tom was always drawn to the socks.  He'd talk about one day possibly having matching socks with E.  Somehow when I was looking for Christmas presents this year, I stumbled upon Happy Socks and fell in love.  They come in awesome designs, they have sizes (not just one size fits most) so they actually fit Tom (!), AND they have matching baby socks!!

The Bad Pictures

My boss made a comment to me recently.  "Make sure you get a few pictures of E crying too."  His point was that they'll remind us of how far we've come and all the rough times we went through, but also that they can be hilarious. 

It's true that we focus a lot on the cute and happy baby pictures.  But one of the reasons that my boss and I work so well together is that we have the same sense of humor.  So although I don't always share them, there are plenty of "bad" pictures.