Birth Story Part III - Post Delivery

When baby E arrived, all I could think about was how hot I was (I was still fighting an infection and fever), and as they put him on me, my first thought was "WHY IS HE SO WARM!?"  He wasn't there for long, though, since he was rushed off to be checked by the emergency team.  It was mostly a precaution, and he turned out fine.  His Apgar scores were 7 and 9, so nothing to worry about. 

I, however, was another story.

Birth Story Part II - Active/Transition

The next few hours of labor were actually fun haha.  Hello epidural.  Basically Tom, Stacey and I just hung out in the room.  I put on random movies that we'd already seen and didn't need to watch too closely - "Definitely, Maybe", "White House Down", and "Delivery Man" (which was hilarious because the whole movie there are lines telling you not to have children!).  I slept a bit, and should have slept some more, but I was too excited to get more than an hour or two nap.  We chatted about our families, shows we watched recently (Call the Midwife was a favorite topic of conversation) and Tom would tell us about all the other dads he would meet out in the hall. 

Birth Story Part I - Early Labor

When I hit 40 weeks, I was pretty sure this baby wasn't going to come any time soon.  None of the signs they tell you to look for were present - the baby hadn't dropped, I wasn't nesting, I didn't have a burst of energy, and none of the other things they tell you to look for had happened.  I also hadn't felt a single contraction - Braxton Hicks or otherwise.  In fact I felt great and the exact same that I'd been feeling for the past month or so.  Also knowing that I was born 2 weeks late, I was ready to assume this baby would be late too. 

One More Baby Thing

One of Tom and my guilty pleasures, is watching Shark Tank.  Usually it's because I like to laugh at the stupid products, but every once in a while we find something amazing.  Like Wicked Good Cupcakes, the cupcake in a jar company that despite being in my backyard, I didn't find out until I watched the show.

Analyzing Pregnancy

So I've been thinking a lot lately how pregnancy is different from what I expected.  Some things are exactly what I expected, but a lot of things totally caught me off guard.  I will say that this was written on a good day, during a good week.  If I re-wrote this on one of my bad days, it might be a little less optimistic haha.  Luckily my bad days have been pretty rare lately though.  


At this point in my pregnancy, I guess the best way to describe how I'm feeling, is that I'm adjusting.  This has become my new normal, and I've just accepted it.  It's like it my mind I'm going to be pregnant forever, and will always have to deal with these symptoms. 

I suppose that's good, because it means I haven't had any melt downs or bad days in a while, but it also means I'm in complete denial that this pregnancy will end, and rather soon.


Okay, maybe this is an odd thing to get excited about, but here I am. 

We recently bought a dresser for the nursery when we realized the piece of furniture we had originally planned to use wasn't going to work.  The dresser was pretty, and fit the room, but I kept coming back to one thing that was bothering me - the knobs on the drawers. 

Happening Around Here

Since we last mentioned our late night wake up call, we've unfortunately been dealing with more problems with our smoke detectors. 

Last week there was one sleepless night where the alarms went off five (ish - I stopped counting) times between midnight and 3:30.  Needless to say, no one was happy (or sleeping).

I Don't Think I Can

Week 28... the week that broke me. 

Some women are really good at being pregnant.  Some love it.  A coworker of mine has 4 children and confessed she had thought about being a surrogate she loved it so much.  All I can think about is, "WHY DIDN'T I HIRE A SURROGATE!?"  I'm obviously not one of those women who love this.  I hate it, it's horrible, and this week I've officially reached my breaking point.  

Third Trimester: In Like a Lion

...out like a lamb?

A girl can hope, right?  Either way, I'm missing my second trimester easiness.  Suddenly the heartburn is here every day and will. not. go. away.  Things are sore and painful (omg so painful!), and I swear I'm getting bigger every day!  One day my jacket still zips fine, and two days later it's too small!   One day I can easily get my shoes on, and the next my belly seems to be getting in the way. 

A Day of Bubbles

So I'm getting to the point where I'm supposed to be counting kicks and such.  More importantly, though, is figuring out if your baby has a schedule, so you'll know at what points of the day to expect more movement than others.  The theory is then if something is wrong, you're more likely to notice. 

In preparation, I decided to try and pay attention for a full day.  At my last appointment they told me I shouldn't go more than an hour without feeling movement (unless I'm not paying attention).  So for anyone who might be interested, here is a breakdown of Bubble's day:

Double the Sugar, Double the Fun

So fun fact: when you have to take the 3 hour glucose test, the drink you're given has apparently twice the sugar as the drink from the 1 hour test!  (Apparently that's what the 50/100 numbers mean).  Although besides it being a bit more bubbly than the previous one, I didn't notice much of a difference.  I chugged it as quickly as I had last time, and then followed it by a bunch of water.  It's really not the worst part of the test.