Years Go By


Tom and I were talking recently, and realized just how packed our years have been recently. Kind of the opposite of taking things slow. There have been a lot of big milestones, every year, which made us realize that there wasn’t really one this year. It feels weird, it feels a little bit like we’re slacking, but most of all… it feels good?

Like maybe we’ve done enough for a while? And this is the time to hold steady instead of adding more?

But first, here’s what we’re talking about:


This was the year that Tom and I started dating. We’d known each other for years, but for whatever reason, this is the year that changed everything.


Just a year after we started dating, we got engaged! The truth is I worked hard to push this out as far as we did, because I think Tom was ready to get engaged months earlier. In the end, the timing was perfect.

Often overlooked, this is also the year we bought our first car together! The purchase of Betty was slightly overlooked by the proposal just a month later, but that was a big milestone too!

Engagement Photos

Obviously a big year for us, we got married! This was a busy year, and included our wedding shower, our wedding, and a honeymoon. It was also the year my best friend got married, so you might as well double all those events. I’m tired just remembering it all.




This was the year we bought our house! And our Penny car! It was a year of planning our future and making decisions about what we wanted it to look like. It was also the year that I got pregnant, which leads us to…



The year our Bubba was born!! He made us parents and gave us a crash course in raising a tiny human. Apparently we love it so much, we decided to do it again..


The year our Goober was born!! He gave us the badge of being crazy enough to have two under two. He came late in the year, but he claims 2018 as his own!


So now we’ve arrived here. The year we sleep? The year we stop taking on big things? The, let’s take a break to catch our breath, year? Who knows. All we know is that we don’t have any large plans for the near future. That doesn’t mean things aren’t happening. We still have two tinies running around, after all. We’ve also been planting trees, painting doors, and taking vacations. Just not those big life milestones with giant check boxes.

Every year can’t be like that.

It doesn’t mean it’s not as fun, exciting, or important as other years. It just means you have to look a bit deeper to see where our joy is.

All that to say, happy 4 year marriage anniversary to us! Here’s to future check boxes!

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