All About Bubba


A few things about our favorite toddler around here.

He changes so quickly that something that is an every day huge part of life could disappear in a month, and we’d all forget about it. Just the other day Tom and I were talking about how E used to “hide” things behind his ear when he was younger - something he doesn’t do anymore. So I’m leaving this here so I can better remember this moment of life.

Most Requested Activity: Going outside or cooking
Future Profession: Chef?
Most Read Book: The Napping House
Favorite Word: Weed-whacker
Most Obsessed with: Vacuums, Weed-whackers, and lawnmowers
Required to Sleep: Pink pacifier (old Dr. Brown style), white and blue elephant blanket, sound machine, and maybe “E’s bear”

Favorite Food: Graham Crackers or Cake
Favorite Drink: Milk
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Number: 2
Favorite Song to Request: Wheels on the Bus
Favorite Song to Sing by Himself: Twinkle Twinkle

Favorite Shirt: Orange Halloween Shirt
Favorite PJs: Blue with “BIG TRUCK” on the front
Shoes: Sneakers since sandals “tickle” his feet. Although if he could choose, he’d still be wearing his brown sneakers that no longer fit him.
Required Item: Orange socks

”Too silly!” or “So silly!” - When he thinks something is funny, often in a book, he’ll point to the page and say this while laughing.
“Bees in my eyes” - When his eye hurt (maybe an eyelash?) he tells us there’s bees in his eyes, or occasionally a vacuum in his eye. Usually while rubbing his eye and crying.
”Oh so noise!” - Anytime anything makes even the quietest noise.

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