Eight Months

Nick Names: Smoosh Face, Baby, Goober
Height: 30 inches (Estimated because no doctor's appointment)
Weight: 20+ pounds (Estimated)
Head: Slightly bruised
Special Outings: FIRST TRIP OUT OF STATE, First trip to the beach, playdates with Richards
Visitors: Grandma and Grandpa, The Richards, Aunt Linzy, Aunt Raina, Cousins Miles & Zaida (all in Maine)
Loves: Food, Moving, His brother, Being surprised
Hates: Being tired, not being in the center of everything, hitting his head on things


I heard someone say recently that nine months is peak cuteness for a baby, and I’ve got to say we are well on our way! You are just adorable lately. Dimples on full display, giggling all the time, totally squeezable. Just lots of fun. It would be nice if you’d pretend to care about me or Tom at all, but it’s more than obvious that all you want is your brother. It’s everything we dreamed of when we decided to have two kids so close together, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.

I won’t say you’re crawling yet, since that conjures up a specific image, and I’m sure whatever it is that you’re doing, is not what people would picture. Instead you’re doing something that looks like the breast stroke but on the floor. Either way, you are MOVING. Especially if your brother has left a toy on the floor that he really does not want you to touch, and then ZOOM. It makes you so happy to be able to get somewhere.

Speaking of moving, the other day you moved a little too fast at daycare and before any of the teachers could grab you, someone opened the door right into your head. So lesson learned - as good a door stop as you are, it hurts and you shouldn’t do it anymore. Deal? You have quite the mark on your head, but you’re happy as ever, so we think you’re okay.

Most of the time you’re just that - happy. As long as you’re included, and fed on time, nothing really makes you upset. You’ve hit a bit of separation anxiety, but it’s mostly just cute. Once you’ve laid eyes on someone, they’re not allowed to leave the room unless they bring you with them.

I love how much extra laughter you’ve brought into our family. We’re still figuring out what life as a family of four will look like, and it changes as your personality gets bigger, but I can tell it’s going to be awesome.


Oh and by the way: that teething business? I take it back. The white mark on your gums that everyone said was an incoming tooth has mysteriously gone away and you’re back to acting like a normal baby. So I have no idea when your teeth are coming. Sorry!

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