The Hottest Day

Pop quiz time!

If you get your first day off in six months, without the kids, and daycare is about to close for 4 days… what do you do?

Watch Veronica Mars?
Do some laundry?
Catch up on sleep?
Or start a house project. Solo. On the hottest day of the summer so far.

Yeah, I’m not very bright.

But it was a project I’ve wanted to do for at least a year, and here I was with a free day. I figured if I started early enough I could beat the heat? Unfortunately I was in the direct sun and it was 80 degrees by 8 am. Whoops.

So I went for pace over perfection, and there’s still a lot of touch ups and follow up things I’ll need to do, but I finally got around to throwing a coat of paint on our garage doors! As you can see, they were very white and normal before:


Nothing offensive about them, they blended in perfectly. But that’s never what I’m looking for. So I spent months driving around looking at other garage doors and picking paint colors. I don’t know why I get these projects in my mind, all I know is that once I do, I can’t get them out until I finish them.

And now I can’t stop looking at all the white doors left in our house and imagining colors on them - including the one between the garage doors! That will come, hopefully on a cooler day, but for now - LOOK AT OUR GARAGE DOORS!!

Painted garage door

Obviously the color looks a little different in person and in/out of the sun, but I’m really happy with them! The picture above this looks almost black, which they aren’t. The one below this looks a bit more grey which they are in person. I wanted them to match the shingles on the roof right above them, and I think they’re doing that. The only thing I’m stuck on, is whether to paint around the windows. It seemed better (and definitely easier) to leave them at the time, but looking at this picture makes me think I want to paint them.

Of course if I paint the windows on the garage doors, I’ll have to do it on the door in between them, right? By the way, I’m thinking a yellow for that door maybe? Or a bright blue. Another project for another day.

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