Strawberry Shortcake for Breakfast?

Parlee Farms Strawberry Shortcake Kids

Sure, why not?

Right now nap schedules pretty much keep us home from 9am until 3pm. Which severely limits what we’re able to do or where we’re able to go on the weekends. It’s a lot of staying home, playing in the yard, or splitting up kids and leaving the house with just one at a time.

Which is fine. That’s the season we’re in, and I rank sleep as more important than almost everything else, so I don’t mind staying home. But every once in a while we want to do something special, and it takes a bit of creativity. Which is what we did last weekend.

We left the house super early to head out to our favorite fruit farm. Many people were picking fruit, but we’re still probably a few years from that. Instead we got some strawberry shortcake for breakfast. And it was amazing. Tom gets his with ice cream, I get the original, and E gets a “junior” version that is smaller and just strawberries and whipped cream. He loves it so much, he kept yelling at me not to touch the bowl (which I was trying to keep from falling off the table) and that it was HIS!” He did a great job, didn’t spill much (also we remembered to bring a bib which was a huge win) and he ate quite a bit. Baby G even got a few strawberries from Tom’s bowl too!

And then when we were done, we got to go see the “ann-malls!” E was way more into them this time than in the past, and even fed the chickens and bunnies. The bunnies by the way, were HUGE. Compared to the baby bunnies we have in our yard, these were monsters. E kept saying “BIG bunny!” I think they were bigger than our cat haha. He also enjoyed the baa baas, but did not want to touch them.

As we were getting ready to leave, I told Tom I wanted a picture. Sure we’d taken plenty of the kids, but I wanted one of all four of us. I’m usually to shy to ask random people, but it was important enough that I did. I pretty much handed my phone over and said, “whatever you can get.” The woman stopped at one point and said “The baby isn’t looking!” And I told her it didn’t matter, I just wanted to capture the moment.

Sure the kids are both tired, and G isn’t really looking. Sure E has strawberry stains all over his shirt, but I look at it and see a perfect capture of a fun day with our family! I can’t stop smiling when I look at it.


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