A Kitty Update


Thank you to everyone who helped us through our rough time with our kitty, and has been asking about her since. We took her to the vet again recently, to recheck her labs and see how she was doing. As always, baby G tagged along for the trip. When we got there, instead of bringing us back into an exam room, the vet tech said they’d just grab Maia and get her labs, and we could wait up front.

I will say, it was a pretty odd feeling. I was sitting next to a woman with her new puppy, and across from a guy and his cat. And I was sitting there… with my baby?

I definitely got some interesting looks from people who maybe wondered if I was in the wrong place?

The good news is, all of her labs came back normal! I kept meaning to give everyone an update but the truth is I kept forgetting because I’d forget it was ever an issue. She’s just back to being Maia. I knew that was what was supposed to happen, but it still shocks me how quickly and relatively easy that was? Sure it sucked at the time, but she went from really really sick, to completely normal again!

E is as obsessed with her as ever, of course. He begs to give her treats, which he throws down the stairs at her or brings to her when she’s sleeping in a corner. And when he can’t find her, he searches the house to find where she’s hiding. Thankfully he’s stopped the high pitched scream every time he sees her, so she’s a little more open to being around him.

Lately E’s been having what we think are night terrors. He wakes up pretty early in the night, usually before or right around when we’re going to bed, screaming hysterically. He occasionally cries at night, but usually we don’t need to go in, and it’s not that sad of a cry, and doesn’t last for long. This is very different. He’s super upset with tears pouring down his face, screaming my name, and it takes him a little while to snap out of it.

The easiest way I’ve found to get the tears to stop, is to walk him out of his room so he can focus on something else. There were a few nights that Maia happened to be in the hallway, so he cheered right up when he saw her, and then happily went back to bed. He’s never up for long, and never protests going back to bed, so as sad as they are, they’re actually pretty easy in terms of wake ups.

The other night we had just gone to bed when the screaming started. We jumped up and headed down the hall, and I tried to make out what E was saying. It didn’t sound like the normal MAMA screams, but I wasn’t sure what he was saying. I got into his room and he jumped up into my arms and started pointing to the hallway. And then I realized what he was saying through his sobs. “Maow! Ma-ow!”

That’s right, he didn’t want his mama, he wanted his cat.

(And he stopped crying as soon as he saw her)

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