Six Months

Nick Names: Baby, Lovey, smush
Height: 28.5 inches (98th percentile)
Weight: 19 pounds 15 oz (88th percentile)
Head: 17.25 inches (64th percentile)
Special Outings: Parlee Farms, playground, Richard’s house,
Visitors: Richards family, Grandma & Grandpa, Becca & Cole, Raina
Loves: Bouncing, people dancing, FOOD, looking outside
Hates: Being hungry, being left alone


Holy personality baby!

I think month 6 is when things click for me. You’ve gone from generic baby who sits there and we fulfill needs, to a tiny adorable person. You’re fun now, you smile and laugh and interact. You’ll grab at our faces and try to eat our nose. You’ll laugh if I pretend to bite your hand. You still don’t give laughs away very easily, and increasingly make us work harder to get them, but they’re so rewarding when we do. Your personality is coming out more and more every day, and I love it.

Your big brother has been waking you up in the mornings and it makes you smile so much. You’re so happy to see us now – you know we’re you’re people, and there’s nothing you enjoy more than watching us do things. Toys are cool and all, but really you just want to be in the middle of everything. If we put you down and walk away, you protest loudly, and demand to be carried along. (Which is not the easiest thing to do – you are a brick of a baby and my back and wrists are hurting!)

You also seem to be one of those kids who either immediately catches on to things, or won’t try things until you’re sure you can do it. We offered food one day, and like most babies you didn’t really get it. You’d spit out more than you ate, and didn’t really swallow anything. The next day we tried it again and suddenly you at everything we gave you. And every day since then you’ve doubled what you’re eating, and now will feed yourself like a baby who’s been doing this for months.

Recently I sat you on the ground to see how close you were to sitting. The answer was not very. You immediately flopped over, with no signs of being ready to hold yourself up for even a second or two. I’m not joking, two days later I did the same thing, and you sat. And sat. 30 seconds later I was like, um so I think you can sit now? And 20 minutes later you’re a pro at it. You hold your arms out to balance yourself, and if you start to topple over you pull yourself back upright. I’m blown away by how quickly you’re able to catch on and master something.

This was your last month home with us, since you start daycare in a few short days! And boy are you ready for it. You love watching people and being entertained, and you’re very “been there, seen that” with everything at home right now. I’m going to say right now that I don’t think you’re an extrovert, but that doesn’t mean you don’t love people. You’d just prefer them one at a time. Big loud crowds are a bit much, but you have no problem being handed off to someone, as long as that someone is prepared to devote all of their attention to you.

This is also the month where you became a much easier baby. Overall your sleep is great, although depending on the day you ask me, I might change my answer. You nap great, and usually sleep through or almost through the night. Every once in a while we get a small regression for a few nights that is annoying, but in the big picture you’re doing great. Feeding you is easy, you’re almost always happy… we don’t worry about you much!


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