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I’m back at work full time again, which is an adjustment (again) but I’ve been trying to get back in the groove, and figure out everything that’s changed. One thing I noticed that’s changed, is the mural in Dewey Square. This may be one of my favorites! It’s so realistic in person and kind of surreal that it’s so large on the side of a building.

I’m actually embarrassed at how long it took me to notice the new mural. Even though I’m in Boston a few days a week, I’ve been keeping my head down and just working. I keep telling myself I’m going to get outside more and enjoy the city, but it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe by writing it down, I’ll make it happen?

Honestly the days at work go by so quickly, and it’s such a treat to just sit there and drink my coffee that it feels like a mini vacation.

Meanwhile, both the boys are doing great. Baby G is exploring food lately, and he is PSYCHED. He tries to chomp at anything that comes close to his face, and is gobbling down everything he can. Tom calls him the great devourer now. Just a bottomless pit.

E might have saved his life the other day while I was cleaning up their dinner. Both boys were still in their highchairs and had their bibs on. E started yelling “Uh oh, uh oh! MAMA UHOH!” When I turned around, I found that G had somehow ripped the tag off his bib and had it in his mouth. Good thing I have a very observant extra set of eyes to help me out. I obviously took all the tags off the rest of the bibs, but I had to cut them, because try as I might, I couldn’t pull them off. HOW DID BABY G???

Besides helping me watch his brother, E is still into orange. Orange spoons, crayons, trucks, socks. Always orange socks. Which I often find on his hands when he wakes up in the morning. Sure. I love figuring out new things about him, but one thing I am not enjoying, is how old he looks! No one warned me that he’d look so old at just 2 years old. More often than not, he walks up the stairs instead of crawls. He’s talking more and more, and I can understand him most of the time. And he’s capable of doing things, and wants to do them instead of letting me help. Ugh.

Speaking of talking, one of his favorite phrases is “SIT DOWN!” As in, sit down and play with me. Sit in that exact spot, where I want you to be. Sit down and be near me instead of doing the thing you were doing. It’s loud, and a command. Which means we’ve been trying to teach him to be a bit more polite about it. We’ve tried to get him to say please, or “sit please” since it’s the same number of words, but it doesn’t quite stick in his head. So instead it comes out more like:

“SIT DOWN…. (pause.. looks at us and realizes we haven’t moved)… peas.”

I’ll take it.

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