A Week with Grandma


I don’t think we realized when we got pregnant with E, that we had timed things perfectly. Our parental leave ended in September, and that’s one of the easiest times to get a daycare placement, since all the kid’s “move up” to the next grade. June is not. It’s not as bad as February for example, but we still weren’t able to get a spot when we needed it. So we’ve been patching together coverage until G’s spot opens up.

Luckily we have some great family who have agreed to give up a week of their time to come hang out with us and take care of G while we work. Considering he’s almost 20 lbs, likes to pinch loose skin, and scream randomly in your face, it’s a pretty big commitment!

He is a mostly happy baby, but he’s not one of those babies who loves everyone and freely gives giggles. Sometimes he is, but sometimes he’ll decide that he just doesn’t like you (even if that ‘you’ is one of his parents), or you’re not that funny. We call him the baby of diminishing giggles since he’ll laugh at something, but if you do it again it’s not as funny.

It does make those giggles and smiles that much sweeter when you earn them, but you do have to earn them. One of the easiest ways? To dance (or exercise) in front of him! I think he just enjoys making us look like fools haha.

Both boys loved all the extra grandma (and grandpa) time they got, and we were super helpful for the help, and just to have an extra adult around for the week. It definitely makes thing easier.

We are reaching the end though, and are counting down until baby G heads off to school and E moves up to a new classroom! I’m getting much more relaxed about these moves - I haven’t even bugged the staff to find out who he’s moving with or even asked who his teachers will be! I just assume he’ll have them won over in a day or two haha.

And now that it’s my week, baby G is definitely missing grandma!!


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