Noticed Anything Lately?


Like the lack of blog posts?

I feel like the lack of sleep, and lack of using my brain regularly has made my brain turn to mush. I was talking about it with my best friend and we feel like your brain just stops working. Even holding a conversation seems impossible.

I’ll sit down and try to write, but I can’t form sentences or remember what I wanted to write. And I feel like I have so much left I want to do before going back to work and then suddenly I look at the calendar and I have two weeks left and then holy cow that means my baby is going to be TWO YEARS OLD in two weeks and WHAT HAPPENED!?

Yeah. So that’s in my head lately.

And since I can’t manage to do anything else, here are some random things that have been happening lately:

G is a pincher. I didn’t think baby pinches could hurt so much. But he has an ability to find the most painful area and just yank all the skin off. I think he mostly just likes to have things in his hands (maybe he’ll like stuffed animals) and when he doesn’t have anything he uses our skin. Yay. (Or my hair. Slightly more fun, but still not)

G also is still sucking his fingers. Not his thumb, that would be too normal. Instead it’s his first two fingers. It’s super cute and he loves to chew on them. Occasionally he goes for his whole hand which is as hilarious as you’d expect.

E has been into singing lately. Well making us sing, because he still doesn’t say many sentences. Wheels on the bus, head shoulders knees and toes, and one of his favorites, ring around the rosey. He’ll say “Ashes! Ashes!” and then fall on the floor to request it.

[Which, can we just mention how weird children’s songs are? But once you get passed that, it’s mostly cute to see him dancing around to his favorite songs.]

His favorite things to do when singing it is to stand on my feet and hold my hands while I dance him around in circles (before falling to the ground of course). We’ll do it over and over, and my heart explodes a little each time.


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