Mother's Day


Yeah, yeah, it’s a little late. I’m going to stand by my statement that Mother’s Day should be moved to a less busy month. May is just so full already, that I don’t really have time for Mother’s Day. Which is probably why I did my hotel getaway months after Mother’s Day last year, and why I planned a family photoshoot for the fall this year, which is when (and how) I’d really like to celebrate.

Still, it came and was here. We spent the weekend like we spend most of them, at home playing and spending time together. We did decide to take one outing to our local furniture store/amusement attraction since we’re looking for some furniture for our bedroom, and figured it would be fun for E. He got to ride/drive their little cars and we got to quickly scan the rooms to see if there was anything that caught our eyes.

We thought we’d maybe get dinner there, but it was soon apparent that the littles wouldn’t last that long, so Tom and I settled for grabbing some pints of ice cream and taking them home. While Tom was placing our order, I watched the liquid fireworks with E. They were between shows, which means the music was off and fountains were just at a low level, functioning as a normal fountain. E liked that and got out of his car to stand and watch them.

And then the show started.

There’s always a theme to the music that they pick. (Each “show” consists of 3 songs with choreographed fountains to the music). Sometimes the theme is Disney music, or 80s. My best guess for this particular show was EDM/Club dance music. It was intense. Add in the flashing lights and the water shooting off everywhere, E was done. He practically climbed up me into my arms, buried his head in my neck, and would not come out or say a word.

It’s the same reason we don’t waste money taking him to museums or play places. He gets overwhelmed quickly and would rather stay in places that are more low key, or that he’s familiar with. I can’t blame him. So we decided to pack up and head home. It took him almost an hour to recover from the fountains and come back to his normal and happy self.

I’ll just say I’m glad we skipped the brunch and outings.

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