Five Months

Nick Names: Baby, Lovey
Height: 28 inches (Estimated, no doctor’s appointment)
Weight: 20 pounds (Estimated)
Head: Big
Special Outings: Vet for Maia, Merrimack Outlets, Tree Nursery
Visitors: Richards family, Grandma & Grandpa
Loves: Dad, Random strangers in the store, peek-a-boo
Hates: Mama sneezes, being tired, riding in the car, CAR WASHES (whoops!)


Didn’t I just post one of these? This month FLEW by. I wish I could say it’s because you’re sleeping, but nothing is consistent there. We actually started out the month with you sleeping through the night and doing GREAT, but then you started rolling and hit your 4 month sleep regression and everything changed. You can’t really roll from your belly to your back, so that makes you incredibly angry in the middle of the night, and you’re still trying to figure out what to do with your hands. So we’re all tired. So tired.

During the day, though, you nap great and you’re generally happy. You recently decided you’re not hungry anymore, though, to all our confusion. You’re obviously not starving and still have all your baby chunks, but eating half what you used to is just fine for you. Okay. Maybe you want to be in control, maybe you’re too busy playing, or maybe you’re just not hungry. I’m trying not to overthink it.

You’re learning and exploring every day. You want to be mobile SO BADLY, so we’re trying to teach you how to roll more efficiently to keep you happy. You’re grabbing toys, you’re watching your brother play, and you’re loving the activity center we pulled out for you to play with. I’m not sure if it’s because it lets you stand up, or because you like the new toys, but it keeps you entertained.

You even tried food for the first time! Just a few licks of some pureed carrots, but you seemed excited. Oh and we let you chew on a green pepper one day too. Your brother is mostly excited to have you sitting in the high chair next to him, and I think you’re pretty thrilled with it too.

You hate it when we leave the room, and would prefer it if there was a face about 10 inches from yours, smiling and making faces at you. We’ve finally hit a great rhythm at home, so of course that means everything is about to change again.

I feel like I don’t have much to say about you because you’re generally such an easy baby. You’re happy, you love being in our arms, you rarely cry (you whine instead, but I guess I’ll take that over crying), and you just fit so well within our family. I hope you think so too!


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