These Days

These days…


E has been dumping all of his toys into an empty laundry basket, and then crawling inside. He’ll sit in there and play with his toys or read books for longer than he’ll do anything else at this point. Every time I try to clean it up during the day, he’ll come home from daycare and within minutes he’ll be back in that basket.

E has socks that look a shark biting his legs when he wears them. Except he’s been wearing them on his hands, and then sitting down to read a book with his hands like that.

E has been playing with his food lately. As in he’ll turn a graham cracker into a train and run it along the table saying “Chooo CHOOO.” He’s also still a charmer at daycare. At least once a week I feel like a teacher will sneak him a special snack as he’s leaving for the day. The other day one of his teachers gave him those Annie’s bunny crackers to take home with him. He was eating them in the backseat on the way home when I looked at him in the mirror. He was holding one up and going “BUNNY! Hop Hop, YUM!” and eating it.

These days…

G has been working on rolling. He’s at that stage I remember from when E was little, that he turns his head face down to the floor until you’re worried he’s not breathing, and just hopes his body will follow. It doesn’t. Instead his legs kick and flail and he grunts and does not move. Since he’s so big, our doctor suspects it might take him a while to be able to move.

G is a people person in that he’ll stare at your face all day, or contently sit in your lap for hours. But if you try to leave the room he’ll scream bloody murder. We’ve also been finding him watching TV lately in a way his brother still won’t do. Have I found my baby that will cuddle up on the couch with me to watch movies?

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