Finished(ish) Closet!

Closet Before

There are certain things in life that I have an irrational (or maybe not) hatred of, and that make me incredibly angry. And I’m always puzzled when other people don’t seem bothered by them. One sign that Tom and I were right for each other, was that we tend to agree on which things we hate.

One of them? Those wire, ventilated, closet rack systems. They usually come standard in any closet, and they’re the absolute worst.

You can’t put anything small on the shelves, because they fall through the slits. Anything bigger won’t stay level, again because of the slits. They hang clothes fine, but they’re never a good use of space. And possibly the worst part is what happens when you try to remove them. They’re anchored in a million places which means you spend hours trying to pry them out of the walls, and then you’re left with holes EVERYWHERE.

Every single closet in our house (6) had them when we moved in. So far we had removed them from three of the closets, and we just finished the 4th! After this, it’s only E’s closet and our master bath closet (which is bothering me the most right now).

Our master closet had moved to the top of the list recently, due to our death dressers. Originally we’d talked about redoing our entire bedroom, moving walls and doors to make the layout less stupid, but time constraints meant that we did this instead. We still may head down that path of renovations at some point, but for now this is a good, workable solution. It’s the budget version of a dream closet.

I was a little worried we’d made a mistake when Ikea delivered over 50 boxes to our house, but Tom managed to put them together fairly quickly. I’m excited to use the space a bit more efficiently and hopefully become a little more organized. I will tell you that I am totally in a “purging” mood lately, and want to get rid of ALL THE CLUTTER.

It hasn’t happened yet because we have two babies and we don’t have a ton of extra time, but the itch is there. Slowly I’ve been cleaning and making space, and boy do I have plans for the future when I can actually start purging. I’m pretty sure I’m going to go full Marie Kondo on this house soon…

One side effect, is that our bedroom is suddenly going to have a lot more space in it, and I have no idea how to use it. More storage? A comfy reading chair? Right now it seems like a waste to have such a big bedroom that we really don’t need, but Tom pointed out that as the tiny humans get less tiny, we might want our own space a bit more. Since the living room won’t be just our space anymore.

So for now I’m off to organize a closet (harder than you think when you have no idea what size your body wants to be!) but send me any ideas for decorating a bedroom!

Before and After Pictures:

Master Closet Before
Master Closet After Ikea PAX
Ikea Pax closet

Also, I feel the need to mention that although it looks like it - our closet walls are not dirty. They’re textured! Another thing I completely hate and don’t understand. Well I understand that it was faster and easier for the construction crew to texture the walls instead of mudding them and making them flat and smooth. But they’re horrible. All of our closets are textured, including our laundry room/closet. They’re rough, they look dirty, they’re hard to paint, and I don’t think you can get rid of them without redoing the drywall. They make my eyes bug out. BLEH!

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